T91 Wolf A1 AR-15 Upper Maintenance Essentials

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Tips for T91 Wolf A1 AR-15 Upper Maintenance after shooting.

Required tools and cleaning solutions: cleaning rod set, barrel and chamber brush, cleaning patches, and 3-in-1 CLP cleaning solution.

1. Clean barrel with copper barrel brush using 3-in-1 CLP.
Note: Before using CLP, be sure to shake the whole bottle to fully mix solution.

2. Wet the copper barrel brush with 3-in-1 CLP and push it through the chamber toward the front of the barrel (DO NOT pull back in the reverse direction, or the residue will not be cleaned out). Remove barrel brush from the cleaning rod and pull the rod back, reassemble, then repeat step three five times until the barrel bore is coated with 3-in-1 CLP.

3. Swap to chamber brush, and wet it with 3-in-1 CLP.

4. Fully insert chamber brush then clean the entire chamber, at least five times back and forth. Next, rotate brush inside the chamber clockwise five times in one direction only.

5. Thoroughly wipe clean inside of the barrel extension area by using a plastic brush and Q-tips.

6. Use slotted tip gun jag with dry cleaning patch, push it through the chamber toward the front of the barrel using multiple patches until one comes out clean (DO NOT pull back in the reverse direction).

7. Next, clean the chamber with a clean dry cotton pad.

8. Apply few drops of 3-in-1 CLP to a clean patch, run through the chamber and barrel to lightly lubricate and prevent rust.

Although there is debate whether or not you need to clean and lube your rifle piston drive system, I still believe lightly lubing your piston drive system after cleaning will prevent rust and help to maintain efficiency and low friction between them during battery.

I use Eezox, ( plastic brush, and Q-Tips to clean my T91 Wolf-A1 piston upper after range time; also, my entire gun collection gets the same care, and it works really well.

Here is what I heard, some folks use HK416 cleaning kit, and it should work with T91 Wolf-A1, as well.
A. Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Heavy Duty Scour Pad or Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scour Pad

B. FireClean Anti-Fouling Gun Conditioning Oil

Any type of carbon removal solvent solution should work and most of you guys should already own one or two of them.
After shooting, clean and remove carbon build-up from the piston drive system with carbon removal solvent and a toothbrush or 3M Scour Pad, and lightly lube the piston head after cleaning. A medium amount of lube to springs and drive rod will ensure smooth operation.
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